I was born in Oslo, Norway a warm summer day in the fifties. My family lived in Hammerfest (north of the artic circle and then the northernmost city in the world)
  for three years and then moved south again. My daughter, Cecilie and two grand daughters, Julie and Amanda lives in Norway and so does my younger sister Bibbi,
  as well as my brother, Jon Sigurd and their families.
  My oldest sister Marit and her not so small family lives in South Wales, UK and is an accomplished artist.
  I have lived in Arizona, Ohio, California, Utah, Oregon, Texas, Washington and for shorter periods of time in Germany, Portugal, South Africa and Trinidad
   and I now live in Florida with my Dane Ann. Having traveled to some 56 different countries I have seen a lot and much that would be better forgotten.
  Photographing in Beira, Mozambique I was apprehended and put in front of a firing squad, saved at the last minute by a high ranking officer.
  In India I witnessed corpses being picked up in the early morning from the Mumbai port area. But I also witnesses a lot of good.
  Throughout my life I have loved photography and now I am ready to share that passion with the rest of the world.

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